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Although ANPS came from a humble beginning, it represents a beacon of light to the many young girls and boys across South Africa and in particular the Athlone area in Cape Town.

Athlone North Primary School (ANPS) is situated in Kew Town, a dormitory suburb which is located amongst some of the oldest and poorest Coloured and African townships on the Cape Flats. The school was established in 1945 and the motto of the school is “Together we can do more”. The majority of the learners at the school come from the surrounding areas and from the townships of Heideveld, Bonteheuwel and Langa. We even have children travelling in by taxi from the outlying African townships of Khayelitsha and Gugulethu.



This year we have 598 learners at the school from Grades 1 to 7. There are 15 educators including the Principal, 2 of which are employed by the School Governing Body (SGB). In addition, the school employs 2 Administration Officers, a General Foreman and 2 General Cleaners.  Furthermore, the school also has access to a Learner Support Educator, which is a shared resource with one of the neighbouring schools in the area. Our learner to educator ratio for most classes is 40 –1, except in Grade R where it is 30 learners to 1 educator.  

Our Norms and Values

Schools, like most other social institutions do not exist in a vacuum. It exists for a specific reason and purpose and that is to serve the community in which it operates. The Vision and Mission Statement of the school, which outlines the programmes and policies of the organisation, are therefore influenced and shaped by the needs, values, norms and standards of society. To effectively implement its Vision and Mission the school must work to establish links with the community and to invest in building and maintaining meaningful relationships with all direct stakeholders of the school. However, this is not always possible as most schools, including Athlone North Primary does not have the time and resource to dedicate to doing this.

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